Imagine a journey that takes you from land to the sea. Daigno Evolution on Water is located in Papineauville (Quebec, Canada) and creates high-quality products for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers. They also have a houseboat called Koroc V which offers an experience like no other. Explore its beauty and freedom for anyone looking for a retreat.

Koroc V Holiday Series is a part of the Koroc V and was designed for those who are looking to relax on a waterside getaway. Off-grid floating house comes equipped with optional features to match individual needs.

The spacious deck and cabin of the Koroc V provide ample space for recreation and relaxation. The Koroc V is equipped with an extra-large double bed to provide comfort and space for relaxation. It also has weatherproof couches for the deck, which are perfect for making memories and relaxing in breathtaking surroundings.

 Amenities that Modern Living Can Enjoy

Off-grid or not, Koroc V provides modern amenities for a great living experience. An off-grid home comes with a ceiling fans for ventilation. The cabin is powered by an 330W Solar Panel. USB Outlets and Dining Room Tables that convert into Bed Positions are also convenient.


 Features and Equipment

Koroc V has a wide range of standard features designed to enhance your floating cabin experience. The Koroc V comes with a Suzuki outboard motor with a dashboard/instrumentation panel, sonar, and swivel chair with footrests for comfort while you navigate the waters. Solar panels, batteries, and electrical panels ensure reliable power.

 Customization options

Koroc V allows you to personalize its floating cabin according to your preferences and needs. You can choose from amenities such as a toilet with an integrated pump, a water filtration system and deck cushions with front access gates, as well as other options for amenities, like tv, stereo, hammock, microwave, etc. to transform your Koroc V floating cabin into heavenly paradise. You can create the floating paradise of your dreams with our wide range of options!

 Off-Grid living on the water is a great way to start.

Koroc’s V floating cabin allows you to live off the grid on water. Its versatile design, comfort amenities and customizable features create an off-grid floating experience that allows you to reconnect with nature, while getting away from the everyday stresses.

Daigno Evolution on Water’s Koroc V floating Cabin is an excellent way to experience the tranquil waters and escape from land. Koroc V offers a large cabin with modern amenities and customizable features to complement the off-grid lifestyle. Set out on a journey of adventure and create lasting memories!

Article source: Daigno