Ruka Kuusamo is a beautiful wilderness area. Saarua Sky is a charming Finnish log home that offers cozy accommodations for 6 people. It also provides direct access to outdoor activities and recreational pursuits. Explore its stunning features and surrounding for this amazing log home experience.

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Saarua Sky provides the perfect setting for a retreat in nature. Nestled into Saaruanaho only 27 kilometers from Kuusamo (and 200 metres away from Vuosseli/Ruka Valley), it offers peace and serenity, as you enjoy forests, falls, rivers, lakes rapids waterfalls which characterise Ruka and Kuusamo wilderness.

 Outdoor Adventures at Unparalleled Prices

Saarua Sky is an excellent base for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the region, and enjoy winter sports such as skiing. Winter sports lovers can access the ski slopes and routes directly from their cabin. They can also visit Ruka Ski Resort, which is home to world-class competitions for cross-country skiing as well as ski-jumping.

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 Comfortable Interior with Modern Amenities

Saarua Sky has a spacious interior that offers maximum comfort. The large kitchen and living area is perfect for entertaining family members and friends. Use the electric sauna to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day. A fireplace, open lighting and heating ensure a relaxing stay.

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 Sleeping arrangements

These log cabins are ideal for 6 people and have two bedrooms. Each bedroom is fitted with either a twin or double bed. The loft space contains an additional two beds, ensuring that everyone is able to sleep comfortably.

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  Exploring Kuusamo Wilderness

Kuusamo’s seasons offer a unique contrast. The winter transforms the area into a snowy wonderland, while in summer the midnight sun illuminates lush vegetation under a canopy of stars. Kuusamo is a fascinating place to explore to see rare animals, plants and birds native to Finland as well as Russia.

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 Midsummer Magic: Vibrant Seasons

Midsummer Night is a celebration that takes place all night long, until the early hours of the morning. It features nature’s vibrant display of yellows and oranges. Tourists and locals alike enjoy nature’s breathtaking display, as the night sky dims to reveal Kuusamo’s enchanting beauty.

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Saarua Sky Log Cabin is an exceptional retreat located in Ruka Kuusamo’s unspoiled wilderness. It boasts cozy interiors, modern amenities, and unparalleled access to outdoor adventure. Saarua Sky offers travelers unforgettable trips through Finland’s natural beauty, whether it’s winter sports or relaxing summer activities.

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Article source: Lomarengas