It might seem impossible to buy log house kits online and then have them shipped to you directly at your construction site, yet this is now possible. These cabins make great vacation houses or extra structures for your land. You can add more later.

The Lillevilla Allwood Cabin package is a stylish and intimate 292 square foot space with a sleeping loft that can be used as storage. Lillevilla is a European company that produces storage sheds, playhouses, and other classic products. This cabin kit is a timeless addition to any living area, no matter how small.


Lillevilla Allwood package comes with everything needed to construct the model shown, even its front patio. This terrace offers more space for outdoor living, such as a comfortable couch and coffee table. It is also ideal for eating al fresco. The roof rafters will also offer additional protection from the sun and rain while you’re on your patio.

Here’s a quick review of the materials that come with a kit. 16mm thick flooring is included, as well as membrane roofing. However, shingles are required to be bought separately from their company if needed for assembly. Prefabricated logs are complete with all the necessary tools for construction including doors, windows and nails, bolts, screws.

Consult your local authorities about the permit requirements for large cabins. The regulations for building under 400 sq. ft. vary from one location to another. In countries with a large number of rental companies, you can hire one to help set up your cabin. You could even ask friends or family for help.

Hire professionals to hook up utility lines and ensure the cabin is comfortable all year round. You should add insulation to your log cabin if it’s in a particularly cold climate.

Protecting cabins against the elements and mould growth is important as untreated wood constitutes the majority of their construction. Apply sealant to it as soon as you begin construction. After the interior is finished, it must be painted with a wood treatment paint. After all the work is done, it’s now time to decorate and personalize your log home. Add furniture that will create a warm atmosphere.

It is easy and exciting to own your cabin by purchasing an Amazon log building kit. Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Package is a great way to experience the charm of a cabin while also using it for rented units, rental properties, and vacation homes.