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Imagine yourself waking to the sound of gentle water lapping against the shore. Birds chirping away in the distance. And a stunning view of an idyllic lake just outside your bedroom window. The dreamy scene becomes reality when you stay in one of the A-frame Cabins at the Cambridge Lakefront Campsites. The cozy A frames nestled within the natural landscape offer an escape from daily life. This article will take you on an imaginary journey of the charms of A-frames at lakefront campgrounds in Cambridge.

A Frame Cabins: A Beautiful Alternative

The A-frame is characterized by its triangular form, with steeply sloped roofs that reach the ground. The unique design of this architectural style not only offers a distinctive aesthetic, but it also has practical benefits.

  1. Stunning ViewsThe A-frame Cabins were designed for maximum views. These large windows allow for uninterrupted vistas to the beautiful lake. You’re looking at a living canvas right out your window.
  2. Cozy ComfortA-frames, despite their minimal appearance, are extremely cozy. Open floor plans, which often include a loft-style bedroom, create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The fireplace in most cabins creates an inviting atmosphere on cooler nights.

Connect with Nature by Unplugging

Unplugging from technology and re-connecting with nature is one of the best things about staying in an A frame cabin at a campsite on the lake.

  1. Enjoy Peaceful RetreatCamping in quiet areas is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. The stillness and tranquility will allow you to relax, read or enjoy a book.
  2. Outdoor AdventuresThe lakeshore offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities. If you want to relax, take a walk by the lake or go swimming or kayaking. Discover the beauty of this area.

Community and Camaraderie

The A-frame Cabins at the Cambridge Lakefront Campsites, Ohio offer an opportunity to socialize and create lasting memories.

  1. Campfire ConversationsMany campsites offer communal firepits for campers to gather around in the evenings. The perfect place for telling stories, roasting marshmellows, and making connections with your fellow travellers.
  2. Group ActivitiesThese campgrounds organize many group activities, such as stargazing, nature hikes and themed potlucks. This is a great way to create memories with others who share similar interests.

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The A-frame Cabins at Cambridge’s lakefront campgrounds offer an escape from a fast-paced world. These cabins offer the ideal environment for anyone seeking to find solitude, have an outdoor adventure or make meaningful connections.

If you are looking for a tranquil getaway, where you can watch the sun set over the ocean and wake up with the sounds of nature, then consider renting one of these A-frames. These A-frames promise an experience you will never forget. You’ll be refreshed and recharged by Mother Nature.

Happydale Retreat, located in the Appalachian Mountains, is approximately an hour from Columbus, Ohio, and two hours from Pittsburg.

There are only 10 A-frame cabins available for the lucky two guests who want to try glamping.

Enjoy a happier, healthier life!


The A-Frame Cabin is located 50 yards from the parking lot.

To ensure you have a good night sleep, the cabins are equipped with handcrafted Japanese futons in queen or full sizes. They also come complete with linens and bedding that is of high quality. Cabins are equipped with electricity, a heating and cooling system to provide extra comfort.

Guest access

The private lake is available for guests to kayak and/or fish. There are plenty of fish in the private lake. Renting equipment is available at the trailer. All activities are done at guests’ own risk.

After exploring the private lake and lush trails, the guests will enjoy the shower house located in the hills. It features a private marble shower and a modern interior design. It is approximately 50 meters to reach the showerhouse from the cabins.

As the sun sets, the rustic interior will be a great place to spend time with friends and family. There is a reading corner near the window that offers an uninterrupted view of the Lake.

There is an outdoor fire pit that’s perfect for stargazing and s’mores.

The check-in trailer offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a cup of Blue Rose Coffee in fresh air.

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