Amish Gambrel Homes are a popular choice for many in the last few years. They are small rustic homes that offer an attractive blend of versatility and charm. These homes are a great option for a weekend retreat, storage, or even as a guesthouse.

Amish Gambrel Homes: A closer Look

Amish Gambrel Homes are built as a combination of barn and house. They combine the traditional design with a gambrel-roof roof, while also providing the comfort of a smaller structure. This unique architectural style stands out from other home types.


Design Features

Amish Gambrel Homes are known for their 8 foot sidewalls. These walls provide plenty of headroom inside and create a spacious feeling. Walls are built using framing 2 x 4, 16-inch apart. This ensures durability and stability. Roof structure is supported by 2 x 4, also 16 inch apart.

The Roofing and Ventilation

Amish Gambrel Homes roof is constructed of CDX plywood sheathing and covered with 25-year roofing shingles. Combining these materials ensures a long-lasting resistance to the elements. This paper is made of 15# felt, which adds an additional layer of resistance to moisture.

Each Gambrel home is equipped with continuous ridge ventilation and soffit ventilators to maintain the proper ventilation and airflow. The features of the Gambrel Home help to regulate temperature, prevent moisture buildup and ensure a comfortable home environment.

The Flooring of Entry

Gambrel Home’s flooring is constructed of treated tongue and groove 2×8 wood boards. These provide a durable and sturdy foundation. A 36-inch steel entry door with 9-lites and a lockset is included for extra security. Porch posts made from cedar add charm to the entrance and make it more welcoming.

Other Customization Options

Amish Gambrel homes offer the opportunity to customize. The basic structure is a good foundation but you can modify it easily to meet your needs. The Gambrel Home is flexible in its future modification options. You can add a kitchenette or a bathroom.

Amish Gambrel Homes: Benefits

The Cost Effective Alternative

Amish Gambrel Homes are a great option for those who want to find an affordable home or an inexpensive getaway. These homes start at $7,755 and offer a cost-effective alternative to other housing options. Their compact design means that they are also more economical for home owners, as their maintenance and utility bills will be lower.

Rustic charm and aesthetic appeal

Amish Gambrel Homes’ rustic design appeals to those who prefer a more simple, natural look. Cedar trims, fascia boards and other exterior elements enhance the appearance of the house and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. These houses blend in seamlessly with their surrounding, no matter if they’re in the suburbs or in rural areas.

The Versatile Use Of Space

Amish Gambrel Homes are small but offer surprising amounts of space. The homes’ clever layout and design allows them to serve many different purposes. This versatile Gambrel Home can be utilized as either a primary home or a second retreat. It could also serve as an office.

Amish Gambrel Homes showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Amish. These homes are popular among people who want a unique living experience. Their affordable prices, flexible space use, and unique design have made them so.

The Amish Gambrel Home is a functional and stylish solution for anyone looking to build a cabin or guesthouse in their backyard.