Simply Log Cabins is offering this Bertsch log home. The perfect log home for your forest or garden retreat. People love to own a log cabin because it feels like their home. One can unwind and relax in nature’s peaceful environment. For people who have stressful jobs or lives, it is more important for them to find tranquility and peace away from city life. This can have a huge impact on someone’s life. The structures are perfect for a mini-oasis, guest house, or office.

Bertsch’s Utah Cabin is very easy to set up and use. This log cabin measures 5 meters by 5 meters. A deck is an option that can be built in front. It could include a table for eating, as well as a stove or microwave. The cabin could be converted into a small office where you can store your desk and do work. It could be used to store a desk and work from. These are versatile and small units.

The addition of a patio to the cabin would be a wonderful improvement. This would cost only a couple hundred British Pounds extra and allow you to add additional seating outdoors. It is constructed from Nordic Spruce Log tongue in groove, which has a warm, rich colour. The roof can be Bituman felt, however the cabin kit includes two windows and one door. The double-glazed glass door allows more light to enter the tiny space. It is only 6,268.50 British pounds without patio or 6,898.50 British Pounds including veranda. The photos show it set up with seating, perhaps even a BBQ outside for a tasty meal.

Simply Log Cabins will ship free of charge to Great Britain. Other countries can be charged a fee. The cabin is usually delivered in 4 to 6 weeks, depending where you are located. Financing the cabin is available for as little as 156.40 pounds per month. It is very reasonable. Simply Log Cabins provides a variety of log cabins throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. It has the largest collection of UK garages, sheds, and gazebos. Also, you can order smaller cabins such as Bertsch Utah, that will be delivered right to your location. Maybe this cabin will help you create a little sanctuary in your backyard or forest. On the Simply Log Cabins web site, you can find this cabin along with many others. It is a good idea to look around at all the options, even if you don’t intend to buy.

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