A beautiful handcrafted log house nestled in the picturesque landscape of Colorado offers elegance, rustic comfort and a cozy atmosphere. It was made from its owner’s vision and dreams. As we take a virtual journey through the incredible log retreat, we will admire all its fascinating features and details.


This handcrafted log house is the story of a Colorado couple that fell in love with its beauty, and decided to move permanently there. They searched extensively in Pitkin County and found a 40-acre piece of land for sale. This was the perfect foundation to build their dream home.

Inspiration and customization.

They began planning their log home while still in Florida. While on their usual grocery shopping trip, they came across Montana Log Homes magazine which featured the cover of their dream house. Montana Log Homes creates stunning log homes from standing dead lodgepole pine that have inner cambium and remain bark free by skipping peeling methods. The cover image of Montana Log Home Magazine perfectly captured their vision and it was exactly what they wanted to achieve.


Log House details and modifications

To bring to life their dream of building a log house, their owners traveled from Kalispell to Montana. Montana Log Homes refined the project’s details with them. They selected a floor plan which met their needs and made the necessary changes in accordance with Pitkin County Building Code. Then, they designed an open concept great room that included a living area, dining space and kitchen. An island was created, which featured stones similar to what is seen on its fireplace, as part of this open concept great room.


Innovative Design Solutions are emerging.

The owners of this home converted a porch that was adjacent to their kitchen to a sunroom. It does not add to the overall square footage. Aside from the size limitations imposed by Pitkin County on their home, they can only access the great room via French Doors or walk-outs of first level parking garage.

The log house is designed to be family friendly, with separate rooms and spaces for the teenage boys. Their sons’ own private domain is on the lower floor, which includes a gaming room, laundry, and two bedrooms. The third level has two more bedrooms on opposite sides of the long corridor, along with television rooms and bathrooms.


Collaboration and Craftsmanship

Gabe Butler of Montana Log Homes of Colorado, who has a talented team of builders on his staff, helped the couple realize their dream by building a log home that was featured in an inspiring magazine article. Gabe Butler of Montana Log Homes of Colorado was able to create an exterior similar in appearance to the article. He also asked his team to construct three-story wings for bay windows covered in gingerbread shingles.


Witness nature’s eternal charm!

A hand-crafted log home from Colorado demonstrates the perfect union of timeless craftsmanship, detailed attention, and respect to nature. Each element radiates warmth, whether it’s the intricate log work or thoughtful design decisions. This is a testament both to owners visions and to skilled artisans that worked together on construction.