We humans have loved cabins for many years as a place of tranquility and peace. It’s their rustic charm which draws us, transporting us to a world of tranquility. We invite you today to explore one of these welcoming cabins that holds a captivating upper floor. Join us and discover the breathtaking features.


Engagement with Nature as a Peaceful Retreat

When we first approach the cabin, nature embraces us with its peaceful calmness. Its location, nestled between trees and an oasis like setting, is the perfect escape from daily chaos. Its exterior is made of environmentally friendly Siberian Cedar beams and posts, which blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings.


Post and Beam construction as a form of art

This log cabin is a great example of the craftsmanship and artistry of post-and-beam techniques. A frame is at its foundation, made up of large beams and trusses that were hand-treated before being chosen as parts for this home. The voids within the frame have been filled with various materials to add charm and character. Both interior and exterior features emphasize these frame components.


Sustainability Cedar as a Building Material: A Sustainable Choice

Siberian Cedar is the primary material used to build this cabin. It has a proven track record of durability and performance. Siberian Cedar is known for its resistance to decay, moisture, insects, and fungus. It also has a natural ability to resist weather changes, such as heavy rain, hailstorms or hailstones. Its lightweight and resistant to warping provides long-term aesthetic value for log house construction projects.



Cozy Haven: Upstairs Surprise

The joys of the cabin are revealed as soon as you climb the staircase. This cabin’s upper floor is an incredibly versatile and unexpected space that inspires us to be creative. Large windows allow for a lot of natural light to pour in, creating a bright and inspiring atmosphere. It is the perfect place to find solace and engage in activities that nurture your mind, body and spirit.



Outdoor Adventure Awaits You: An Amazing Retreat

Nature is a vital part of any cabin experience. As you gaze out at the breathtaking landscape, you can take a few moments to appreciate all of its splendour. You may also want to breathe in some fresh mountain air and bask beneath warm sun.


William ensures that each of his guests has a pleasant stay in the cabin. William is a local expert with a genuine love of nature. He goes the extra mile to create an atmosphere that engages visitors.

The cabin’s overall design is an exemplar of nature and log house living. Its seamless integration with its landscape, its clever designs, its unexpected details and its hidden surprises all speak volumes of its blend of comfort, authenticity and harmony.

Source: VRBO