Turning a Silo into a Tiny House

New Plymouth is one of Ohio’s most unique vacation rental properties. It’s a converted grain silo that offers guests a truly memorable escape. This unusual lodging boasts two beds and bedrooms, as well as a bath. Come discover the enchantment that this accommodation offers!


This silo-style tiny home, with its 25 foot ceilings and spacious interior, is a true example of innovation. This tranquil oasis, which was once used for grain storage, offers plenty of space to relax and rejuvenate. You’ll be surprised at the clever way this small space was transformed to create a cozy home, perfect for peaceful getaways or romantic retreats.

The Unveiling of Features: A Retreat with Modern Comforts

The silo is a tiny home that offers all the creature comforts you could ever want. There is a full-size kitchenette equipped with an induction stovetop, a microwave/oven/air frying combo and WiFi, as well as allowing guests to stream movies and enjoy Netflix. The master spa hottub awaits those who are looking for ultimate relaxation.

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New Plymouth, Your Gateway to Adventure

New Plymouth is a great getaway destination because it offers many attractions and activities that go beyond the silo-shaped tiny house. This small town in Ohio’s southeast corner offers easy access to state parks and charming restaurants as well as unique accommodations. Ravenwood Castle offers visitors the chance to stay in a world of fantasy, from fairytale cabins and castle rooms all the way down to medieval cottages. Ash Cave, located a short distance away, is home to Ohio’s biggest recessed cave and its stunning waterfall. There are hiking trails for all abilities and access options to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area.

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Silo Homes Combining sustainability and creativity in one stunning package

The popularity of Silo Homes has increased over the years, thanks to their unique design, eco-friendliness and efficient use of space. They encourage people to live a minimalist lifestyle and inspire creativity. Silo homes, while they may seem like old grain bins on the exterior, are actually beautifully renovated interiors that make the most of every corner and crevice. They create the illusions of spaciousness as well as encouraging sustainability. Low maintenance is another reason why silo houses are attractive to homeowners looking for a hassle-free, unique living space.

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Explore your creativity and discover all of the options available by converting an old silo. Are you charmed by the charming tiny silo houses, or are they inspiring? Discover how unique living spaces encourage more sustainable approaches to life. Then, enter the walls of these spellbinding homes for an amazing journey!

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Source: AirBnB