Home kits come in many different options. Either you can build it yourself, or have someone else do it. The backyard cabin shown here is one of many cabins and prefabrication structures that can be built. Even a tiny home could be built out of these and a kitchenette added. You could also rent out the tiny house to guests. The Natural Gardener’s backyard cabin is called Byron Summer Home. Homeowners are increasingly building tiny homes in their yards and renting them out to people like students or business people. If you want to make your cabin available to people on Airbnb, then list it as a vacation rental.

You can earn an additional income or even a living from this. This is like owning a Bed and Breakfast. The number of people renting out these rooms is increasing all over the globe. This allows them to generate extra income while meeting new people. These areas are used for music, art or craft. It will cost just over $5,000 to build it in your yard or just over $4,000 to do so yourself.

You may need to have a room separate for your office if you are working remotely. The detached room in the backyard would be perfect. Even a tiny kitchen or bathroom can be included so that they can prepare snacks and coffee. Another reason why people construct extra units of their homes in the backyard is to be used as home offices. The units are as easy to construct as a simple room that has a desk. This cabin stands out as being very different to other cabins that we’ve seen. This cabin has full-length glass pane doors that are accented in a diamond shape. These doors are great for letting in air to cool down the cabin during the summer.

On both sides, there are two sets of doors at ceiling level. The charming patio would be perfect for coffee and tea. Amazing angles were used in the design of this home. This house has a unique, modern design that fits well. Most of these structures are easy to build yourself and can be purchased at a reasonable price, depending on the size you choose for your backyard oasis. You can purchase and build this pre-fabricated house.

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