Devil’s Thumb Ranch, located along Colorado’s Ranch Valley Creek in a beautiful mountain setting for travellers seeking authentic mountain getaways. The one-bedroom cabins are designed to provide cozy comfort in the midst of nature. This article takes a closer look at the cabins, revealing their unique features as well as sustainable practices which make Devil’s Thumb Ranch one of Colorado’s top hospitality providers.

Rustic Retreat in Natural Delight

The log cabins are the perfect combination of rustic comfort and modern charm. They feature carefully selected furnishings and artwork that create a cozy and inviting environment for couples and individuals seeking a staycation in an oasis. Their wood-burning fireplaces provide even more comfort – the perfect spot to relax and rest during your visit!

Devil’s Thumb Ranch knows that dogs are part of the family. Several cabins are pet friendly at Devil’s Thumb Ranch so that your dog can enjoy this mountain getaway as much as you. Your furry friend will be right at home, whether they are exploring the trail or lazing around by a fireplace.

Sustainability: Committed To Environmental Stewardship

Devil’s Thumb Ranch prides itself on adopting sustainable business practices. Environmental initiatives in all aspects of operations – including spa services, dining, housekeeping, and cleaning services — aim to make them more eco-friendly. They see life as a privilege and abundance, so they try to do their part by implementing sustainable initiatives.


Solar Energy: Devil’s Thumb Ranch is proud to harness solar power for the majority of its electric needs. Battery banks provide storage. Devil’s Thumb Ranch is maximizing efficiency and decreasing energy dependence by using DC powered outdoor lighting, pumps, motors.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of recycled and local materials wherever possible. Stone from Winter Park area slides was used for exterior stonework, and wood panels made from beetlekill pin from this region were also added inside.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch takes great pride in conserving and self-sufficient practices on its land, producing its own environmentally-friendly products like honey from 80 beehives while Kendra’s Garden supplies fresh produce to its Ranch House Restaurant to offer guests an authentic farm-to-table dining experience.

Enjoy the charm and adventure of nature:

Devil’s Thumb Ranch has a wide range of outdoor activities for its guests to enjoy. These include hiking along picturesque trails and going fishing on nearby lakes, as well as ATV tours and horseback rides.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch offers a wide range of relaxation and wellness services to guests who are looking for peace. This includes body, soul, and mind rejuvenation. Enjoy therapeutic spa treatments or yoga classes with breathtaking views for a full experience. Or simply relax in nature’s peaceful beauty.

Log cabins from Devil’s Thumb Ranch offer a peaceful retreat to the Colorado Mountains. The cabins of Devil’s Thumb Ranch are a great choice for those who want to enjoy nature in peace. With their cozy interiors, pets-welcome accommodations and emphasis on sustainability, they offer an unforgettable and unique experience. Experience its stunning mountain cabins and unwind, while also actively contributing to the environment!

Source: Devil’s Thumb Ranch & Spa