Robyn’s Nest offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature and escape from daily stresses. This off-grid retreat is nestled atop Colorado’s magnificent mountains. The retreat is designed to provide a safe haven from the stresses of modern day life. Visitors can find refuge in the natural world and sanctuary off-grid.

Robyn’s Nest is a peaceful retreat surrounded by majestic mountains, lush forest and vast skies. It offers guests an incredible visual feast to soothe both the body and mind. Off-grid Mountain Top oasis offers peace and tranquility to nature lovers, hikers who are seeking solitude or those looking for peace.

The Robyn's Nest (Swing is replaced with bench)

Unplugged and off the Grid

Robyn’s Nest sets itself apart from other small homes because of its dedication to live off the grid. The house is totally independent of traditional utilities, such as water and electricity. Alternative solutions, like rainwater or solar power, are instead used, giving the guests a self-sustainable, eco-friendly existence.

Robyn’s Nest has all the charm, allure and appeal associated with tiny houses. It is small, but it has all the amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. From its comfy sleeping area to a fully-stocked kitchenette to supplementary half-bathrooms – every square inch of space was optimized in order to maximise both functionality and style.

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Robyn’s Nest offers secluded serenity. Away from the busy tourist areas, this mountaintop retreat gives guests a tranquil sanctuary to unwind. Whether it’s hiking nearby trails, meditation or just taking in its serene ambiance, Robyn’s Nest is the perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating getaway.

Brand new full size bed!

Robyn’s nest invites you to live a life free of distractions and technology. You can read by the fireplace or gaze at stars under the night sky. All activities are designed to cultivate presence and to appreciate nature.

New table!

William provides a warm and welcoming environment at Robyn’s Nest, which leaves enduring impressions on guests. William ensures that every guest has a comfortable stay in this gem-like property. William’s passion to share his knowledge of the local area and extensive local expertise provides guests an unforgettable experience.

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Robyn’s Nest represents off-grid life and the power of nature to heal and renew us. This mountaintop retreat offers visitors the chance to experience nature at its best while disconnecting from modernity. Robyn’s Nest offers a unique retreat experience with its charming little houses, stunning views and sustainability commitments.

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