Underground Living: A Simpler Living Space

Alex Wild Life has documented the construction of underground log homes on YouTube, walking us step by stage through all stages from start to finish in just 15 days. Discover this unique architectural feat that combines nature’s beauty with underground living!

Find Your Ideal Location, and Create Harmony with Nature by Developing Solutions That Complement the Natural Elements

The ideal location in the forest is essential before building an underground house. This process, as illustrated in this video, requires intensive scouting. It involves factors such as accessibility, the natural environment, and integration into the surrounding area to create an inviting living space which complements nature seamlessly.

Explore depth for stability when building your foundation

This video shows the initial phases of building an underground log home. The foundation is measured and dug for the desired house size before using subsoil thermal mass as insulation from extreme weather conditions such as snowfall, freezing temperature or scorching heat.

Log Cabin Construction: Skilful Artistry

After establishing a firm foundation, this video guides us through the step-by-step process of cutting logs and arranging them for the construction of an underground house. As they skillfully combine them into an attractive structure, craftsmen demonstrate exceptional skill.

Enjoy the benefits: thermal stability and Sustainable living

The beauty of an underground log home lies in the ability to harness earth’s thermal stabilty. The ability to maintain a consistent temperature by leveraging the thermal mass of subsoil offers several benefits. These include helping regulate indoor temperatures near average local temperature, protecting stored foods and crops from sudden temperature changes.

Ancient Wisdom Revisited: Return to Ancient Wisdom

Various cultures have used partially underground structures, like log homes. The recent hurricane Sandy has renewed interest in these resilient and sustainable structures. They offer comfortable living conditions and can withstand harsh weather.

Dugout Shelters: Versatility and Power for Greenhouses & Shelter

The versatility of dugouts, also known as underground log homes or tunnel shelters, goes beyond residential applications. They can be used to shelter people and animals as well as grow crops. Dugouts shelters are able to serve many purposes, as they provide a constant temperature that is conducive for plant growth and also protects from external elements.


Finding Undiscovered Log Homes (Log Houses)

A log cabin built underground can be a powerful testament of humankind’s ability coexist in harmony with the natural world. The simplicity of underground living and its sustainability allows for resilient, natural-looking homes. Alex Wild Life will motivate you with his captivating video to create an underground log cabin where sustainability, comfort, and beauty meet.

Article source: YouTube – Alex Wild Life