Visit Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole to experience J.R.R Tolkien Middle-Earth. As you enter this idyllic home, characters from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and “The Hobbit” come to life. Join us on a journey through Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole, which offers incredible memories.

The Matamata Hobbit Holes, which is located in the Hobbit Movie Set itself, allow guests to immerse themselves into Middle-Earth. The Matamata Hobbit Hole can comfortably house up to 4 guests and has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom attached. Visitors will be able to enjoy the Shire in a Hobbit-like environment surrounded by scenic beauty. The Shire In The Shire will offer visitors the opportunity to experience Middle-Earth like never before.

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Green Dragon Inn & Millhouse: Discovering the Delights Behind The Scenes

The Hobbit Hole offers guests exclusive access to the behind-the scenes delights of movie productions. From The Green Dragon Inn & Millhouse, where intricate details are hand-carved, to an overnight in an authentic Hobbit themed house with two bedrooms and a writing space reminiscent to Bilbo’s Baggins Study Area; to a relaxing afternoon tea in The Hobbit Hole among The Shire’s breathtaking beauty.

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Join us for Hobbit Fare – Feasts in the Green Dragon Inn

Bilbo’s Hobbit Holes would be incomplete without some tasty Hobbit food! Green Dragon Inn will offer guests a delicious dinner featuring whole roasts chickens, beef soup, and fresh baked bread. The Elevenses and the Second Breakfast, which honors Hobbit culture and also elevenses/second breakfast will let them experience Middle Earth as they enjoy these delicious meals!

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Matamata: More Than Hobbit Holes

Matamata is known for the legendary Hobbit hole, but there are many other attractions to discover in this beautiful town. The town offers a wide range of attractions and activities, such as hiking up to North Island’s waterfalls or panoramic hilltop views. Visitors can also enjoy New Zealand cheese-tasting experiences. The art galleries offer a unique insight into local cultures, while the backpacker hotels are a budget-friendly option.

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Make Memories at Matamata – Your journey awaits

The Shire will be a welcome place for fans of J.R.R Tolkien. Bilbo’s spectacular Hobbit Hole is located in Matamata and offers a journey to Middle-Earth. Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit Hole in Matamata offers guests countless experiences, including exploring movie set and eating like Hobbits!

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