City Farm 25’s Cozy Cabin Tiny Home is a perfect retreat for peace and tranquility.

City Farm 25’s Cozy Cabin is a tiny home nestled in the verdant background of City Farm 25. It’s an ideal getaway to escape daily stresses. This tiny home combines rustic charm and contemporary amenities to provide the perfect combination of comfort and simplicity.

Authentic 1800's Log Cabin!

Cozy Cabin – Enjoy a Relaxing Retreat

Cozy Cabin offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The cabin features a comfortable living area with a fully-equipped kitchenette, as well as opulent bedding in the bedroom.

Electric fireplace & TV.


The Cozy Cabin is a great place to stay for guests who want to experience the natural beauty of City Farm 25. From waking up to birdsong, sipping on coffee while enjoying lush trees from an outdoor deck to taking leisurely walks along nearby trails to simply relaxing in their hammock.

Armoire for clothing & storage.

Cozy Cabin offers guests a lot of relaxing activities, but there are also many other things that they can do in this small home. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking and fishing in close proximity. For a leisurely time you can relax with a book from the library or with other guests.

Steep stairway to loft.

Fire pit is available to anyone staying on the property, you could have it alone or with anyone who is a guest at our Studio


Host Chuck

Chuck is the Cozy Cabin’s host and he will provide guests with exceptional service. Chuck is known for his friendliness and knowledge of the local area. He can recommend hidden gems, restaurants, attractions or dining options that will make your visit more enjoyable.

Queen Size Bed.

Kitchen view from entrance


For bookings and more information, visit: Airbnb