MWR – Ozarks Recreation Area at Fort Leonard Wood, M

Ever wondered whether it’s possible to start building a house for only $6000? You probably have a very small cramped up place in mind for that price, this cabin below was built exactly  from start to finish while staying in that price range. The cabin is  basic A-frame that’s 14 feet by 20 feet and might seem plain on the outside but the inside can be really spacious and attractive. The interior is always up to the homeowner to build and design. To help build the cabin, you may want to follow some guidelines. To begin, slow down and take the time to follow normal construction steps. The foundation must be laid, followed by the floor. Finally, the walls will need to be raised. You can get a list of materials and their costs on the website below.

You can build this cabin for just $6000 with basic carpentry knowledge. If you would like all utilities to be included, the price will increase. Steve’s Prices include rough flooring, exterior siding and shingled roofing, but do not include windows, doors or any windows.

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