This beautiful cabin has been built in 10 working days! Dubldom offers wood cabins in various sizes and designs. The materials used are of high quality. This design is currently the biggest home by the company. This would work well as either a house or a cabin. This home can house up to three or four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hallway, laundry area, living space, and a fully equipped kitchen. For privacy, you can place the master bedroom on the opposite side of the living room. Position your house in a variety of ways to enjoy a stunning view. Construction of this design home took about 4 to 6 months. Each house comes equipped with an insulation roof, insulation walls, and insulation floors. Also, they have beautiful wooden doors and windows. The living room of this home is filled with large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Skylights are featured in all of these houses. In the living room, there is built-in shelving.

The bathroom can be equipped with a bathtub or shower as well as vanity, sink and toilet. In-floor heating is another nice bathroom feature. Dubldom homes are equipped with rainwater and snow cover systems. The quality of all their cabins, homes, and wood structures is guaranteed because they build them themselves. You don’t need to search for materials or builders. This also allows you to save time, as there is no need for you to perform any work. It is easy to put together the homes on site because they are built in a factory by skilled artisans. A cabin or home can be built within 4 days. It uses wood for its designs and other natural products. The company has a goal to minimize CO2 emission by optimizing their production. They can reuse materials because they can disassemble them and use the pieces for another project. The homes are built with care so as not to disrupt the surrounding environment. They are energy efficient.

DublDom designs make great temporary houses while building a bigger home, or for use as cabins in the woods. Only in Russia or the Czech Republic are these beautiful homes available. But you can use their design inspirations to make your own home or wood cabin. If you want to add on to your house, a single-level unit is all that’s needed. You can build a small home that has bedrooms and living areas using a basement foundation. You need as many ideas to build your home on your own as you can. Search online for the most appealing home designs or take a drive in your area to view the homes that interest you. Start by designing your plans. Check out these Dubldom home designs to see just how impressive these wood modular cabins really are.


Resource: Hyggehous