Log Homes: A Charming Alternative to Traditional Homes

The combination of natural warmth and comfort in a log home is enchanting. Michigan is home to Keplar Log Home. With its large layout and affordable price point, it will capture your imagination.

Log Homes: Cozy and Cozy charm

The warmth and comfort of log homes is unmistakable, as opposed to their concrete equivalents. They radiate a comforting warmth and a pleasing design that no other house can rival. The natural materials used in log home construction add a cosy touch.

Keplar log home is an elegant retreat

Keplar Log Homes offers exceptional comfort for an affordable kit price of $56,605.00. It provides ample living space, with dimensions totaling 2204 sq. ft. that includes both the main structure (28 by48′ main structure), and its extension (4×20 Great Room extension), allowing ample room to relax and entertain alike. The 24×32 garage is a convenient and functional addition to the overall design.

The interior is warm and inviting

Keplar Log Homes welcome you with a warm interior as soon you walk in. Decorated with natural elements, the log home aesthetic is enhanced by rustic appeal. The great room, bedroom and kitchen were designed to be exceptional spaces that offer comfort along with timeless beauty.

Keplar Family: Building Memories

Jeff and Carol Keplar from Fort Wayne, Indiana, cherish the Keplar Log Home not just for its architectural beauty but also because it holds many fond memories. Ron De La Torre, an expert in log cabin building, built it for Jeff and Carol Keplar. It reflected their unique styles and preferences. They created memories together during the construction.

Versatile usage: Vacation getaways to permanent residence.

Keplar Log Homes are extremely versatile when it comes down to their use. Its spacious design and comfort amenities make it an ideal getaway, but year-round use is also possible. This log home can be used for year-round or relaxing getaways.

Affordable Investment Value

Keplar Log Homes are a great value for money, with their affordable kit prices and installation costs: $56,605.00 and $75473.00. Log homes also tend to retain their value with time, making them a valuable investment when building your dream home.


 Building Your Log Home Retreat

Keplar Log Home combines timeless charm and affordability into one home. Keplar Log Homes offer a spacious interior, a welcoming layout and affordable prices. They are the perfect way to live your cabin dreams! Keplar’s natural beauty will inspire you to create your perfect retreat combining comfort, affordability, and authenticity.

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