Amish-built log cabins offer rustic escapes that are still equipped with the latest amenities. This article will look at the standard features and any other options that are available for an Amish-built cabin.

Amish Log Cabins Exterior Features These Amish cabins have standard features on the exterior that enhance both their charm and durability, including:

Amish roofs are made of durable metal panels that come with a guarantee for 40 years. They also have a variety of standard colors to match any decor.

Advantech floors are guaranteed for life, providing peace of mind and a solid base for your log cabin.

Porch Columns

You can enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in your porch. As part of the overall enhancement to its aesthetics, our porch columns add beauty and elegance.

Amish Log Cabins are designed with two large windows that allow sunlight to filter through and fresh air to circulate.

Maintaining Six Year Old Stain.

Amish Log Cabins include a standard six-year wood stain that preserves the beauty and naturalness of the wood. Maintenance is necessary to keep them in good condition and guard them against harmful environmental factors.

A Covered Porch for a 4′ Log Cab: The Ultimate Design Experience [Oliver Smithers]. The covered porch is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, even in bad weather. It also adds comfort to your log home.

Loft Handrails With Stairs

Do You Want Maximum Functionality and Space From Your Amish Log Cab Loft Areas? The Loft Access is Safer with Handrails and Stairs

Wooden Front Door Handcrafted Exterior.

Amish cabins have exterior wooden front doors handcrafted with attention to quality, craftsmanship, and detail. Unique doors like these show that.

Rent to own options are now available

Amish log homes come with standard features, but also offer additional customization options through rent to own arrangements. This allows them to cater to individual needs and preferences. The options available with rent-to own include:

Additional windows can be added to your log house for just $150. They are placed and arranged according to the preferences of you and your family.

Fake Dormer By giving your log home the illusion of another roof window, you can add visual appeal and aesthetics. The average cost of a faux dormer is $500.

Real Dormers

The cost of real dormers starts at $575. They are more useful and add extra interior space.

They can improve the air circulation in a log home. Gable vents increase airflow, add style and elegance to its exterior. If you choose this option, installing handcrafted gable ventilation may cost up to $75 per vent.

A Handcrafted Exterior Wood Door With Glass Panels

An exterior wood door that has glass, which costs about $550 adds elegance and sophistication to your log cabin.

You can now add an extra solid wood door to your home.

A handcrafted solid wooden door that adds another entry point for your log cabin is available at $450. It makes it easier to access your log cabin with this option.

6″ Gabled End Overhangs

Installing gabled end overhangs can not only protect your exterior log walls from the elements but also enhance their aesthetic appeal. Installing 6″ gabled ends costs $600 per unit.

Knotty Pine Log Railing is a great option for achieving a rustic look. On request, pricing information can be given.

Thermo Pane Windows Thermo Pane Windows offer improved insulation and sound reduction over regular windows. Thermo Panes can be purchased for $250 each.

Typically, log cabins can be customized through rent-to own programs. However, the finished product is not included. If they choose to complete and outfit their log cabin, however, you have several options.


Cabinetry has a vital role to play in terms of both function and appearance. Cabinets can be installed in your log home for an average price of $175 per foot. You will then have the ability to create storage solutions that meet your individual storage needs.

The Complete Electrical Package

Cedar Holler Cabins offers all the necessary electrical systems for your log home. Please contact them directly to get their price details.

You can choose a turnkey interior, which includes all the finishing touches, such as flooring, wall coverings, and so on. Prices are available upon request.

Heat and Air Unit [W] Installing a heat-and-air unit in your cabin could help you stay warm and comfortable all year round. The price depends on the size of your unit and its specifications, as these options vary between models.

Interior Space Insulation

Cedar Holler Cabins offer finished interiors that are equipped with insulation choices to maximize energy efficiency. We also provide R13 and R21 insulation levels, which will help you save energy and regulate temperature. Contact us for more information about pricing based on the specific insulation levels R13-R29.

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Currently only Kentucky (KY), Ohio, Tennessee (TN), Indiana and West Virginia offer rent-to-own Amish cabins. Alternative purchasing options are available if you reside outside of these states.

Please contact Cedar Holler Cabs to find out more about the delivery fees to your location.

Log cabins can only be delivered within 400 miles of London, KY. The shipping costs and availability will vary depending on the distance.

Please read the following Important Notes and Disclaimers

When buying an Amish Log Cabin, you should consider:

These shell cabins don’t meet the residential building code and are only suitable for use in non-residential settings.

Rental cabins may not meet the residential standards of building code and could need additional work.

You are responsible for obtaining any required permits and paperwork to install the cabin.

Verify that the location where you plan to install your cabin is accessible before delivery.

It is important to note that prices, building types, and styles can all change without warning at any moment. For the most up-to date information tailored for your specific needs and requirements please contact us directly. A Cedar Holler Cabins sales representative can help.

Cedar Holler Cabins offers a limited 90-day construction warranty on all new cabins. For peace of mind, and for any questions regarding warranties please contact us directly.

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